Observational Fashion Project – SMART Targets and Action Plan

SMART Targets and Action Plans…

After all of the initial research that I have completed, I want to set myself some SMART targets and an action plan in order for me to go forward completely with this project and make some decisions. P.S. these were created a few weeks ago, so the date on the post is late February but they were actually made well before that.

SMART Targets

  • Narrow down on a theme (decide on two / three possible ones as I know I wouldn’t be able to make a decision on one at the moment) in 3 days time (college week) in order to be able to pick one definitive theme.
  • Look into the themes I have picked in more detail (see whether more in depth research is viable in the sense of it being visual and actually being able to collect primary research) to decide on one specific one so I can complete more primary research on that one that I think will work in 3 days time (college week).
  • Look at my initial research in more depth to see if any not obvious themes jump out at me because I am looking for a second time, by the start of the next college week.
  • To analyse my initial research in order to see what has worked and what hasn’t by Monday.

Action Plan

My action plan for the rest of the week after completing the initial research (specifically at the galleries I visited) on Monday 29th January is to complete as much of the booklet as I can in order for me to have as much initial research as possible.

The times for my SMART Targets may seem a bit longer than usual, but I have an interview for UCLAN during this time so I want to be realistic as well as trying to get it done as quickly as possible.

Toni ♥


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