“In a dead universe, nothing is visible” – Primary Research

Primary Research…

The primary research that I have completed is of:

  • A candle (how my back garden looks with and without this candle, the effect the wind has on the candle, how the flame moves as a result of the wind, the light shining from the candle and the colours associated with the candle and flame itself).
  • The sky and the view from my house (trees and leaves included, with the background having different shades of darkness in it and the different parts of the view that can be seen because of the light and lack of it).
  • The view from my house with street lamps in it and the glow coming from them.
  • My back garden and the difference in how it looks when I used different light sources and different amounts of light (candle, torch, moon, lamp etc.)
  • The same subject but at night and day time.
  • The sun setting in a time lapse (even though I can’t upload this because videos aren’t able to go up here).

The candles are influenced by the wind as the flame will blow in whatever direction the wind does, and these shapes that the flame takes really interest me so I will take these shapes further. I will experiment further with these shapes and colours to see how the light of the candle can inform some designs. There were also shines of light coming from the candle when I took certain photos, and this shows how far the light travels.

The next images are of my back garden and how it looks when certain types of light are on it – a candle, flashlight / torch, and an outside lamp. I took photos using different combinations of these, and some with none of these on at all. I also took one photo of my back garden with all of these forms of light to see the different between them. The circular shape of the candle has come from this research and I will move further with this shape too.

The next two images are of the same part of the sky by my house, but one is in the day and one is in the night, so I could see the difference of how the sky looked at the same part but at different times of day. The street lamps are on in the photo of the sky during the night time because as a result of it being so dark, extra light is needed outside. These street lamps are really interesting me as of now, and I have took more photos including them.

The next series of photos are of the street lamps in my road and the different positions and strengths of them. The lights are quite bright for obvious reasons, so people can see of a night time and to provide more security to residents. The shining light from the actual street lamps themselves is what I will continue with and use to create some samples and experiments because of how these street lamps inform the night sky.

The final photos that I have taken for my primary research are of directly outside my front door. These photos show leaves, branches, another house and the night sky behind it all. These images interest me the most because of the different shades in the night sky, there are greys, blacks and even some dark blues. I want to experiment with these colours further as I think they look well together and the fading between the colours would look well on a garment, in my opinion. I also want to focus on the leaves because of their shape and the fact that they look so bright in an otherwise dark series of photos, which means there must be some light shining on them somewhere.

Shapes I want to look in to

  • Leaves
  • Background / sky – sort of smoky effect
  • Circles – from the candle
  • Flame
  • Shining lights from street lamps

Colours I want to look in to

  • Greens – leaves
  • Black, grey and blues – sky
  • Orange, red, yellow – flame
  • Yellow, white – lights from street lamps

Techniques I want to look in to

  • Mono printing
  • Painting
  • Machine sewing
  • Brusho / Cold water dyes

As a result of this primary research, I will create samples and experiments using the above information of shapes, colours and techniques in order to be able to inform my decisions on a final outcome for this project.

Action Plan – next week of project

  • Create some samples and experiments in response to primary research using above information
  • Once this has been completed to its maximum potential, start designing to come up with a final outcome that relates to my research and samples / experiments

Toni ♥



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