Observational Fashion Project – Review Research and Action Plan

Research Review and Action Plan…

After analysing my initial research in my previous blog posts, I want to create another action plan in order to have my theme decided by Monday.

Action Plan

  • Look at my research in more detail and complete some secondary research on the internet to see what kind of theories come under these themes
  • See which themes could actually be pulled off and identify their limitations so I can actually pick one I can complete to the best of my ability
  • Have my theme decided by Monday as a result of me looking back on my initial research

Pros and limitations of my themes

Cancer treatments and opinions


  • Very controversial
  • Popular in todays news
  • Easy to get secondary research as there is lots out there
  • So many different opinions and alternatives out there so there is so much to discuss and portray


  • Not visual
  • Very difficult to get primary research
  • Personal so may cause me too much distress
  • Long, extensive research would need to be completed and there is only 4/5 weeks to complete this project
  • Quite difficult to translate this into fashion

The sky


  • So many things to look at so I’d never run out of ideas
  • Very visual
  • The sky is always all around us
  • Can link into the other idea surrounding the John Berger extract
  • Can get so many different primary photos


  • So broad and vast so it would need narrowing down to something specific e.g. birds, clouds etc.
  • So many things in the sky so making a decision would be difficult



  • So much to look at because of the amount of technology there is nowadays
  • Could look at so many things e.g. advancement
  • Could get primary research because technology is all around us
  • Initial drawings link into this theme quite well and I liked the outcome of them drawings


  • It has been done before in this college so I would have to make sure I do a different approach
  • Maybe difficult to translate into fashion
  • Would require a lot of time and patience to research it because of the full history and future of technology
  • Technology is such a vast topic so I would have to decide on one specific thing

“In a dead universe, nothing is visible”


  • Most visual theme that I have ever looked at
  • So easy to get primary research as light is all around us
  • Links into the sky theme quite well
  • The title of it is quite unique
  • Could play around with so many things without being too specific as they all link
  • Could look at things like visibility vs. invisibility, light vs. dark, the absence of light etc.
  • So many things to look at within this theme
  • Can get photos from so many different angles


  • Haven’t responded to this with drawings yet, only writing and notes

For me, it is quite obvious which theme looks the best to go with as of now because of the amount of pros and limitations in each one. I am going to go forward with “In a dead universe, nothing is visible”, just because it is purely visual and I am excited to focus on something entirely visual without developing a concept just yet.

Toni ♥


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