Observational Fashion Project – Theme Selection and Action Plan

Theme Selection and Action Plan…

I have selected my theme for this project as a result of my previous mind maps and the pros and cons lists. The theme I am going for is “In a dead universe, nothing is visible” which is a quote from a piece of literature by John Berger. This quote really grabs the essence of the focus of my theme – the absence of light and the difference between the way things look with light and with no light. The word ‘dead’ makes me think of where I live during the night time, because it is dark, nothing is really visible but it can be with different light sources.

In order to get more detailed research into my theme, I am going to get some primary photos including light around my house e.g. streetlamps, torches etc. and I am going to use a mix of artificial and natural light like streetlamps, torches, flashes, sunlight, candles to see what affect it has on certain things. My research sources are going to be my houses, the garden, and the objects I am going to use to create and take away light.

Action Plan – Week 2 of the project

  • Find an underpinning theory for my project
  • Complete some primary research
  • Get some peer feedback to help me develop my theme
  • Respond to this peer feedback and create a mind map on this feedback that I have received

Toni ♥



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