“In a dead universe, nothing is visible”


Responses To Primary Research…

After completing my primary research, I have decided to look at my photos in a lot more detail to see which aspects of them I want to take forward in my designs. I decided to look more at light coming through in the photos than the actual darkness itself, as I could bring that forward in other parts of my outcome.

The above photos are all drawings and mark makings of the light coming through in my photos. The marks were made using a black biro pen and I just created them quite quickly in order for the focus to be solely on the shapes alone. I have focused on the shapes of the light and the shapes that the light is making. This has enabled me to see which shapes I am going to take forward.

I am going to take forward the following shapes from my primary photos and these drawings:

  • Circles (from the candle)
  • Flames (from the candle)
  • Shining light (from the lamp post)
  • Leaves
  • Background from the photos (cloudiness by the house)

I will portray the light coming from these shapes in my experiments, samples and final outcome / response in various techniques, materials and with various skills which I will decide on later, but I have hinted at things like monoprinting (as I have used this before) and fabric painting in a previous post.

Toni ♥





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