“In a dead universe, nothing is visible” – Design Ideas

Design Ideas…

The above photos are all of some design ideas that I have created for my outcome, along with the final photo including some colour selection (which I will discuss later on) and a primary photo. I decided to go with the idea of a scarf due to time constraints (I only have three days of college time and any of my own spare time to make my outcome). An accessory would be easier to make in my short time frame so a scarf was the first option that I came across and decided to create some designs in response to this. I wanted to try different types and styles of scarves so I drew some designs to see how the scarf could possibly look once created.

The reason why I have incorporated a primary photo and some colour selection was to try and see how the shapes from the photos would look included on the scarf along with what colour would work best. These design ideas have helped me completely solidify on creating a scarf as my outcome because the designs have made my vision clear. My designs really capture the true movement of a scarf and the little splashes of colour enhance this.

I will continue with making a scarf, and my main idea for the scarf is for it to be made out of black material (some kind of ‘thin’ wool that is easily sewn on) and to use the laser cutter to cut shapes from my primary research onto the top layer of the fabric and then create designs relating to the shapes and light in my primary research on another piece of fabric then have the fabric with the shapes cut into it layered on top of the one with the designs on, in order to have the designs coming through like little peeks of light.

Toni ♥


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