“In a dead universe, nothing is visible” – First Stages Of My Final Outcome

First Stages Of My Final Outcome…

Above are all photos of me using the laser cutter to create the top layer of my scarf.

But before I started this, I went to Abakhan Fabrics to buy the fabrics that I would need to make my outcome. I knew I wanted to make the actual scarf out of a thin wool-like material that would be easy to sew onto, so after feeling a few black fabrics around the shop, I decided on the black material featured above. It was labelled as ‘wool’ but it is extremely thin but it has quite a rough texture so I thought it would be perfect for a scarf. I got 1.7 metres of this fabric as that was all that was on the roll, however, the employee did measure this fabric up against a scarf that I was already wearing as I knew I wanted the one I was making to be the same size as it so the garment would be super wearable, and it was a perfect length match, but it was a bit wider. I weren’t fussed that the fabric was a bit wider as it would give me more room for designs, so I would just have to make more designs to fit the material. I then made sure this fabric could double up as I would need two layers, and there was enough fabric to have the scarf be the same as the one I had on but with two layers.

After that, I went shopping for the fabric that I needed to make the designs on top of in the colours that I have selected in my previous post – yellow, brown, mauve, grey, green and dark blue. This didn’t need to be any specific fabric, I just wanted it be solid colour with no patters and as cheap as possible. I also only needed the smallest amount of fabric that the shop sold, which is 25cm. 25cm didn’t seem a lot at first, but when the employee started cutting out the fabrics that I selected, 25cm was more than enough.

It cost me around £14 in total, which included a black, grey and white tassel spread for the ends of the scarf as I wanted the scarf to be a bit more modern and I felt like tassels at the end is a big trend right now. I also got my student discount on top, which was a bonus! £14 is so cheap for all the fabric that I bought so I was quite pleased with that!

Now onto the start of the creation of my outcome! I booked the laser cutter first because I wanted to get to know how to use it as soon as possible because it is something I haven’t used before and it is a good machine to know how to use because it is a skill I can take anywhere with me. I measure my fabric, folded it over to make sure I had enough for two layers of the same size, and then cut it on the fold. After this, I one layer of the fabric with me to the laser cutter and got started. I was with a technician who was teaching me how to use this as we were going along. First, I put my fabric onto the machine and I discovered that it was too big for the base and if I folded it under it would cut into the layer in the incorrect position, so in order to solve this problem I tucked the excess fabric underneath the base and out of the way. Then, I looked at the software attached to the laser cutter on the computer. I have previously decided that I wanted to cut circles out of the top layer and this shape has come from my primary photos of candles. So, I put some circle shapes on the template software and the laser cutter then showed me how big the circle would come out and I adjusted the template to my preferred size. This was just a continuous thing that I adjusted as I went along in order to fill the fabric with circular holes. I knew if I cut the circles too close to the edge or too close to each other, it would be difficult to sew so I spaced the circles apart from the edge and each other in random positions.

Once all the circles were cut out, that was the top layer of my fabric complete. I really enjoyed using the laser cutter as it was so technical so I really developed a great skill and technique that I will use in the future in my work. Seeing the circles actually get cut out of the fabric was fascinating, and I actually kept the circles that I had cut out of the fabric because it was perfectly good fabric and I knew I would be able to find a use for it somewhere.

Toni ♥


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