“In a dead universe, nothing is visible” – Final Outcome Continued

Final Outcome Continued…

After using the laser cutter to cut the circles out of the top piece of fabric, I started to create the designs for the underneath bottom layer of fabric. I created the designs using the following techniques brought forward from my samples and research:

  • Monoprinting
  • Brusho / cold water dyes
  • Hand stitching
  • Beading
  • Machine stitching
  • Fabric painting

The designs were also of:

  • Flames (from the candle)
  • Shining light (from the lamp post)
  • Leaves
  • Background from the photos (cloudiness by the house)

These designs were all created using the techniques and methods mentioned above. The colours I used in my designs are:

  • Greens (from the leaves)
  • Black, grey and blues ( from the sky / background)
  • Orange, red, yellow (from the flame from the candle)
  • Yellow, white (the light from street lamps)

I also used the 25cm fabrics in the above colours that I bought from Abakhan fabrics to create the designs on. Below are the designs I completed (no photos yet).

  • Monoprinting – street lamp light using black, white and yellow printing ink on grey and navy fabric, and the flame from the candle using red, yellow and orange printing ink
  • Brusho / cold water dyes – the sky and background using navy and black dyes on white calico
  • Hand stitching – the leaves using shapes cut out of green fabric and sewed onto the black circles I had collected after they had been cut out of the top layer of material with french knots and beading out of green thread and beads
  • Machine stitching – the leaves using green thread and stitching onto a pre-drawn out design of the leaves on green fabric
  • Fabric painting – the flame from the candle using red, yellow and orange fabric paint onto yellow fabric

Unfortunately, I got completely ahead of myself when making these designs and flew through them without taking any photos of the designs as I created them, and now the designs are all sewn onto the circles on my scarf and it is all pinned together ready to be sewn (as shown in the photos above) that I can’t get any photos of them until the scarf is finished. After completing the designs, I laid them out onto the circles on my scarf, made sure they fit and were all covered, then pinned them in place. As I was transferring the scarf to the sewing machine, a few pins came loose so I had to realign the designs which resulted in some of the circles not being completely covered, so I had to shuffle some of them around which also resulted in me having to add some fabric onto the back of the designs so I could sew them onto the circles easier. I also pinned the spread of tassels to the end of the scarf so when I sew it all that is at the end, and I have left a hole open so I can pull the scarf through and I will sew that together once I have sewed everywhere else and the scarf is the right way round.

Toni ♥


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