FMP Artist Research – Valentino


After deciding on my FMP theme “Mark My Words”, I opted to go straight into artist research as this would be beneficial in taking my project forward so I can see what influences I have in my work.

The Valentino Haute Couture SS15 collection was inspired by folk love stories, embroidered with poetry, with painting influences. One review of this very influential collection reads “As texts from Dolce Stil Novo literature, love-ridden lyrics and contemporary poetry start to make their way onto gowns, the show reaches some kind of celestial state – ethereal doesn’t quite sum it up” and this itself has influenced me going forward with my project because of the technique of the literature actually being sewn onto the garments for the runway show. One simple way of showing this is the word “Amore” being spelled out on an appliqued dress. It is this applique technique that I want to take forward with me throughout the future of my project and I will test this out on fabric for samples and experiments. I do not want to take forward the folk inspiration from this collection because it doesn’t really link to my theme of empowerment, however, I am unsure about what silhouette to go with the the loose fittings of these designs in the collection may be explored further to see whether I should go for a loose fitting or tight fitting. Loose fitting outfits could be explored through long, flowy materials and this could represent the femininity of women and link into female stereotypes. The materials that Maria Grazia for Valentino used for this collection were tulle, leather, linen, silk, lace and velvet with a focus on corsets, detailed embroidery and romance.

Below are my references for this research:

Toni ♥


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