FMP Mind Maps Exploring Theme Ideas

Theme Exploration…

mind map theme ideasmind map weathermind map ruined naturemind map mental healthmind map mark my words

Above are five mind maps, with one being for all of my ideas and four being for my favourite ideas. The ideas for my FMP on the main mind map all came from my cultural capital book and these have been stored this since the beginning of my course. I have been storing things that I came across that I didn’t need at that exact moment but I knew it may come in handy in the future, such as artists, designers, news articles, books, magazines, theme ideas, techniques, materials and much more. I explored all of the ideas that I was interested in on my first mind map to see which ones had more branches coming off it which usually means more information, and to see which ones peaked my interest the most. I highlighted the themes I wanted to explore further in bold. I also explored them in mind map form because it is the form I find to be most beneficial for me.

As a result of this mind map, four themes were the most prominent and these were Mark My Words, ruined nature, mental health and weather. I explored these four themes further with things I’d associate with each theme along with what I’d see for the future of the project and where I could go with it. The ones with the most information on for me are ‘Weather’ and ‘Mark My Words’ and these are the ones that are the most interesting to me. I would do my FMP on mental health but it is such a broad topic that I would find it difficult to narrow it down onto one thing, whereas it is easier to make a decision with either ‘Weather’ or ‘Mark My Words’ because one is really visual and the other is something I’m extremely passionate about without getting too upset while completing it. I have been passionate about feminism since I can remember realising what it actually was when I was a young teacher, so for me, it makes sense to choose ‘Mark My Words’ for my FMP as my FMP will stick with me forever and so will feminism as it is something I will always be affected by. I will focus more on women’s empowerment and sexism over anything else under the feminism topic because I want to make a positive impact with my work.

Toni ♥

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