FMP – Mind Map On Visualising Interviews 17/04/2018

mind map

On 17/04/2018, I set a daily SMART target to brainstorm ideas of ways to visualise my interviews with the important women in my life and set a time to test these out and experiment with them.

The mind map above is ideas of how to visualise my interviews and this is how I brainstormed those. The ideas that I have come up with so far are:

  • Samples using the words – printing, stitching etc
  • Visualising key words by taking photos of things that are visual
  • Looking at the answers to see if any of them are visual themselves
  • Draw the women I interviewed – portraits, continuous line etc
  • Photoshoots
  • Combining words and phrases with photos and drawings
  • Draw the key words and phrases

I will try my best to look at all of these but I will only do the ones I think are the most beneficial to me and my project. For example, I personally think continuous line drawings of the women I interviewed would fit my project and work best for me over actual portraits, so this will be the route I go down.

I will also develop these ideas further once I have gotten started on them, for example, when I complete more photoshoots with the women in empowering positions, I will develop these further by possibly doing drawings from them and using the actual props I have collected (rope and chains) to print.

The first things I think I am going to try are the photoshoots and the continuous line drawings so I can fill more sketchbook pages and see physical things without jumping ahead and not letting my FMP flow properly.

Toni ♥


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