FMP – Continuous Line Drawings 18/04/2018

One of my SMART targets for 18/04/2018 was to attempt one idea of visualising my interviews that I created in a mind map in the previous post by 2.45pm. The idea that I chose to attempt was continuous line drawings of the women who I have completed interviews with, and I completed five by 2.45pm (as well as my other targets being met) and I completed a further four once I arrived home from college at 4.30pm. I have now done continuous line drawings of all of the 9 women I have done interviews with so far.

What was good or successful about this body of work?

I think the drawings were really successful because the continuous line is evident in them. The fluidity of the drawings is very smooth and I think the pieces work really well together as well as individually too. By doing this, I have managed to visualise my interviews in at least one way which was what my aim was for these drawings. The continuous line drawings make my work more personal and visual in my opinion.

What was less successful about this work? What failings arose and which ideas were not achieved?

At first, I found it difficult to keep my pen on the paper to make the drawings truly continuous line as I could see how the people looked first hand and felt like the continuous line wasn’t doing them justice and wasn’t catching their true detail. But then, I realised that continuous line drawings are not meant to be detailed or pick up on every little thing, they are supposed to be one piece and be fluid and link together, and I think that I have achieved this as my drawings developed. Trying to get the drawings to look like the actual people was a difficult task but again, as the pieces developed, so did my drawings and the skill and technique of a continuous line drawing shone through.

What have I learnt from this?

I have learnt that a continuous line drawing of a face is quite difficult to get used to, to begin with, but once a few have been completed I got the hang of it and now I know if I attempted another, it would be better than my first few. I also learnt the effectiveness of sticking to the continuous line of a continuous line drawing as you can truly see the link of all the facial features, and I will take these continuous lines forward as I have seen the true value of them within my work, as I find that they are really personal as it is my view of someone in a drawing.

What can I take forward for ongoing development?

For ongoing development, I will research into a few artists or designers who use continuous line drawings in their work, hopefully focusing on ones who complete continuous line drawings of faces as this is my focus too. I will also take forward the actual continuous line drawings and develop them further onto fabric and create even more samples and experiments with them. These samples and experiments will be in a mix of hand stitch and machine stitch, with me possibly adapting my style and being influenced by some artist techniques and materials.

Toni ♥


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