FMP – Samples 23/04/2018


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One of my SMART targets for 23/04/2018 was to start sampling with one of the previous ideas I had came up with on one of my mind map plans, by 4pm. I aimed to complete around two samples in this allotted time of 2 hours and 15 minutes, as I wanted to start this after lunch time which ends 1.45pm. I ended up completing three chain print samples on different materials of different colours. I used two different types of calico, one in a dark greenish colour, and one just plain white. I also used a thin silk/organza type material in a dark blue. I used a mix of colours and materials to see what the prints would come out like on each one. I used the chains I used in my photoshoots with the important women in my life to print with. I am going to evaluate these samples below.

What was good or successful about this body of work?

The actual chain print on the samples are really successful because they are quite clear and you can actually tell that it is a chain being printed. The colours of the fabric and the paint I used to print with is good because of the contrast between the two, you can see the print plainly. The placement of the chains on my prints is successful because the full print is on the fabric, and you can see the full print and detail of the chain itself. I think the actual shapes of the chain have translated really well onto the fabric as the texture of the materials have picked up on a lot of the intricate details of the chain. It kind of reminds me of a repeat pattern, even though the chain was randomly printed and not one section repeatedly printed, because of how fluid and how the prints flow together. The calico and silk/organza fabrics both worked well with picking up the print, the calico was obviously stronger because of the structure of the material but the white calico picked up the print the best because the fabric is plain and subtle so you can see more of the print, however, they all worked very well and were all successful in my opinion.

What was less successful about this work? What failings arose and which ideas were not achieved?

To create these pieces, it was quite messy and this took a while to get used to, and I didn’t have any gloves to hand, but because the prints were working so successfully, I continued and will use gloves if I have them next time. My idea of a repeat pattern was not achieved because I printed the chains randomly but I actually kind of prefer this now because the placement actually works well. Also, if I wasn’t careful with where I was placing the chain, the paint would drip or spread to other places in the fabric, which would ruin the design and mix in with the print, making it not as fluid and together as before. I learned this at the start so was extra careful as I was going along and even tried different ways of making the print stick, such as pressing down hard on the top of the chain when the other side was being printed, and wrapping the fabric over the top of the chain while the other side as being printed so two prints could be made at the same time.

What have I learnt from this?

From these samples, I have learned that two completely contrasting fabrics will both pick up the print very well, and that I can use a variety of fabrics now as a result of this. I have also learnt to be careful when printing and make sure I have gloves with me to prevent my hands from staining! I have learnt that my chains will print very well and now I know I can use this in the future. I have learnt that I prefer random patterns when it comes to prints over a repeat pattern, in this case at least.

What can I take forward for ongoing development?

The things I am going to take forward for ongoing development are the prints themselves, the chains and how to use and manipulate them, the different types of fabrics and the use of printing randomly. I will complete more samples with the other techniques I wanted to try out on both calico and silk organza type fabric to see whether my other ideas work as well, and I will evaluate them also to see where I want to go with them, but as of now, both fabrics work so I will use both fabrics.

Toni ♥


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