FMP – Contextual Research Bandage Dresses

After completing extensive research on the founder of the staple ‘bandage dress’, I have decided to do more research on the ‘bandage dress’ as whole and what it is like now in 2018 and in modern culture compared to when Hervé Léger first started out.

So, initially, to get this research going, I just Google searched ‘bandage dress’ to see what the results were. According to Google, the search got about 1,770,000 results in 0.41 seconds, which is a lot of dresses in under half a second, which shows how wildly popular bandage dresses are in society nowadays. I believe this to be because of the figure hugging material and the versatility of the dress itself, with it being easily dressed up and it being such a crucial piece in a lot of women’s wardrobes.

Fashion websites that came up as a result of this search are:

  • Missguided
  • House of CB
  • Pretty Little Thing
  • Pink Boutique
  • In The Style
  • I Saw It First
  • Boohoo
  • ASOS
  • Miss G Couture
  • Miss Selfridge

And many others. These websites are highly popular among young women and some of these websites are what I use personally. I am going to look into the first search result and most popular website Missguided. When I accessed this website via the link on Google, the home screen for bandage dresses had the following text on it as a sort of description of sorts, with the categories ‘Party Dresses’, ‘Evening Dresses’, ‘Cocktail Dresses’, ‘Christmas Party Dresses’ and ‘Little Black Dresses’.

Attention: you need these dresses. You’ve got invites for special events and we’ve got the dresses you’re going to want to wear to your events. If it’s a seriously statement piece you’re after, our newest collection of bandage dresses are perfect whatever the occasion. So whether you’ve got a work party to go to or have a night out with the girls planned, our figure hugging dresses in red and classic black are the perfect pick. High necks, lace details and embellished bodies are top of our list for the new season and if you want to turn heads then pair with your favourite heels and a smokey eye and you’re ready to go. Keep on scrollin’ to shop…

Missguided has 69 bandage dresses for sale in that category and the cheapest one is £15 and the most expensive one is £120, with the most wanted one at the moment being £28, so it really just depends on what you want the dress for and what your budget is.

The dresses are made out of a mix of viscose, elastane (the most expensive dress is made out of these two), and polyester (the cheapest dress is made out of this and elastane).

The bandage dresses on Missguided are receiving a mix of good and bad reviews, with one woman saying her dress is ‘amazing’ with the colour being ‘beautiful’ and that the ‘material is great’, the dress is ‘true to size, and fits like a glove’. Another woman left a negative review though, claiming her dress ‘had a hole in the side’, and was made out of ‘thin material’, which is a negative point about the type of fabric used to make these style of dresses.

The cheapest dress has 3 reviews, one 5 star, one 4 star and one 1 star review. The 5 star review says “fits amazingly and gives a great shape, amazing material” and the 1 star review says “fits nicely but the shape around the neck isn’t as nice as the photo and looks odd”. So for this particular dress, it looks like the fit is great but the actual production of the dress could be better, but this was the dress that cost only £15.

The most expensive dress has no reviews whatsoever, and at £120, that is making me think that people may not be buying this until they know it will 100% absolutely fit them, so the price may be too steep for people to take the plunge and just buy. However, in this case, reviews of the garment would be helpful because of the price so it could help people make decisions beforehand.

Overall, as a result of this research, I think bandage dresses are really popular with young women nowadays because of the material and the fit, but you do get what you pay for, so in my opinion, I think purchasing a mid range price bandage dress would be the best option to ensure you get good quality for your money, but it also depends on each persons body type and shape. This research has helped me immensely with going forward with project because it has made me realise the effort and time that goes into making a bandage dress and that I could interpret this my own way by using different fabrics with different properties to see which ones wrap around the body and stretch the way I want to I could even do some prints on top of the strips of fabric. This research had made me more interested in bandage dresses because of their popularity and it could even influence a garment that I make myself.

Below are my references for this research:


  • Photo 1: Google search result
  • Photo 2: Missguided bandage dress section
  • Photo 3: Cheapest bandage dress
  • Photo 4: Most expensive bandage dress
  • Photo 5: Most wanted bandage dress
  • Photos 6-8: Bandage dresses off Missguided
  • Photos 9-10: Reviews of bandage dresses

Toni ♥


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