FMP – 24/04/2018 Primary Photos of Hannah

Usually, I do set myself realistic and reasonable SMART targets every day, but today 24/04/2018 I only set myself four targets, that were pretty easy to achieve. So, I decided to take some photos of my friends who have done my interviews during my dinner hour as I had spare time and so did they, so I will now evaluate these photos I took of Hannah. I took around 40 pictures and these were the best ones that I picked out of them all.

I also used filters on my iPhone X such as stage light, studio light and contour light to take a wide variety of photos with different effects.

What was good or successful about this body of work?

I think the photos of Hannah are really successful because she really took my direction while taking the photos well. She knew how to pose – because she has done some part time modelling outside of studying art / fashion at college – and she knew how to work well with the props. She was able to model, look empowered and also showcase the props too, and I think the filters, especially the stage light filter that blacks out the background, look great on her photos because of this. I also think that Hannah was being really free and confident while taking the photos so this made the photos look even better because they don’t look forced, they look natural and liberal. The photos also show the process of Hannah’s hands and wrists being tied up by the rope I collected, which I think is really interesting because I have the process and the result in photos.

What was less successful about this work? What failings arose and which ideas were not achieved?

I personally think these photos are some of the best photos I have taken so I am finding it difficult to think of anything that wasn’t successful, or a failure. All of my ideas have been achieved with this photoshoot because as I have said previously, Hannah took direction really well so she caught what I envisioned the photos to look like anyway. I didn’t have many actual ideas for all these photos because I like to just leave it up to my friends and see how they interpret empowerment. Even though there was another person in the room, Hannah dealt with this well and didn’t really care who was watching her, which makes me think that she’s quite empowered as a person anyway.

What have I learnt from this?

I have learnt that it may be best to leave the poses up to my friends when they are modelling for me as these photos have worked really well with me letting Hannah do this. Hannah also decided what to do with the props herself as well so this has worked well too so I will do this with my next photos and just give some guidance when I think the photos are straying away from what I want. I also will do photos just of hands and faces as a result of this photoshoot because this worked really well at capturing empowerment and the essence of my theme.

What can I take forward for ongoing development?

For ongoing development, I will take more photos of the women who I have done interviews with, with them being in similar empowering poses with the same or similar props too. I will take forward the actual props and will use them in many different ways, like for printing samples. As I have said previously, I will take forward taking photos of specific parts of the body like the face and the hands because these have worked really well in Hannah’s photoshoot. I will use the idea of leaving the poses up to my friends who are modelling for my next photoshoots with other women who I have done interviews with, as this may make my mum and sister feel more confident and at ease when taking their photos as they are not as confident as my friends.

Toni ♥


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