FMP – 25/05/2018 Rope Printing Sketchbook Page

One of my SMART targets for 25/04/2018 was to complete one sketchbook page with previous drawings and quotes by 1.45pm. I wanted to do one page of a combination of a continuous line drawing of an important woman in my life who has completed an interview for me and a quote from the answers that she provided. I hadn’t fully decided which woman when I was setting the target, I was going to decide closer to the time of creating the page. However, because I spent so long on the sellotape samples, I didn’t get around to completing the sketchbook page that I wanted. Instead, I completed two pages of quick, simple red rope prints. I used the rope that I used in my empowerment photoshoots. This was a quick sketchbook page so I could partially achieve the target but I also did need to test out rope prints too and this seemed like a perfect opportunity. I am going to evaluate this below but it won’t be as in depth as previous evaluations as there isn’t a lot of work to talk about and it isn’t actual samples.

What was good or successful about this body of work?

I think the actual rope prints were really successful and what was good about my work. This is because the prints are really clear and the paint has picked up all of the detail in the rope. I also think the randomness in the placement of the print works really well for my project. The prints did not turn out like I expected but I don’t actually know what I thought would happen, I think I just expected long rope prints not broken up prints but this isn’t a negative thing as this still works well. I also think the colour contrast between the red paint and the white paper background is successful because the prints are more prominent and bold.

What was less successful about this work? What failings arose and which ideas were not achieved?

I think that some aspects of the rope prints were unsuccessful because of the space between prints and the fact that the prints are not fluid and don’t flow together as one. It is only in certain parts of the prints that you can tell that a rope was used to print and that is because of the rope indentations on the page. If these weren’t there you wouldn’t really know what was being used to print with, but these indents make the rope individual.

Another less successful aspect of the work was that the rope was really messy to print with and the paint went all over the table and all other pieces of paper. I didn’t really know what to expect when printing with the rope so I didn’t know whether paint would go outside of the pages that I was intending for them to go on.

As I have said previously, I expected the prints to be in one long line repeated across the page whereas the prints were actually broke up and more individual, so this was one of my ideas that was not achieved.

What have I learnt from this?

I have actually learnt a lot from this rope printing experiment as it has made me realise a few things for the future of my project. Looking at the outcome of these prints with the rope, I have come to the conclusion that it is definitely the chain prints that I want to go forward with from my primary photos and not the rope because I think the chain prints are clearer and pick up more detail than the rope prints. The chain prints actually went better than what I intended and they were more successful so I decided to go with the most successful print.

I also learnt that printing with props, specifically rope, is very messy and I need to take all of the precautions and measures necessary to stop any excess paint going where it shouldn’t. In the future, I will wear gloves and I will put old magazines or newspapers down to prevent paint from staining anything important.

What can I take forward for ongoing development?

I am actually not entirely sure whether I will take anything forward from these rope prints for ongoing development. This is because of the decision I made previously to continue with the chain prints and also because I think the chain prints link with my project more than the rope prints and the use of the rope. I just think the chain prints worked way better and were more successful than the rope prints, however, I may test out more of these rope prints in the future depending on the way my project flows.

I may take forward to the use of the colour red somewhere because I believe red to be a very powerful and authoritative colour which is what I want for my project but after completing all other research, the colour selection and the colour palette that are use may change.

Toni ♥

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