FMP – Criteria Review

On 26/04/2018, I was in work from 9am til 5pm. I work in a call centre and sometimes it is quite busy and sometime it is quiet, it just really depends on how many calls we get and what the managers predict. So, I decided to take some notebooks to work with me along with a sheet filled with the criteria, in the hopes that I can do it if we aren’t busy. As a result of this, I set myself a SMART target for my shift.

Look through the criteria for my FMP and identify where I have met the requirements up to now, and how I could possibly meet criteria if I haven’t already. Also, annotate it to see how I could strengthen it to get a higher grade, and this can be done throughout my entire shift.

I actually achieved this as we weren’t busy today so I completed this by my lunch time at 12pm. It was relatively easy to complete and it has made my project a whole lot clearer for me. I now have a more clear idea of what I need to do and can now set times to complete them.


1.1 Use a range of critical and contextual perspectives to initiate a personal self directed art and design project proposal.

To achieve this criteria, I need to show I have substantial research for possible ideas for my FMP before I started my proposal and make decisions on what my line of inquiry is. I should research into my potential ideas and I have done this with my mind maps that I have posted and analysed / evaluated on here. I also have shown how I have developed from these ideas to my main focus now, and I have developed my female empowerment theme even further by looking at a set of images that portray what I want my theme to be about and analysing this too. I presented these images to my fellow students, got their opinions and evaluated this too and I have cited all my sources along with the date I accessed them.

1.2 Use detailed analysis and evaluation to clarify and develop a personal self directed art and design project proposal.

To achieve this criteria, I will need to reflect on my past projects, skills, knowledge, understanding and how they can influence my Final Major Project. This will be evidenced throughout reflections, mind maps, sketches and evaluations of previous projects. It will also include the project proposal. I have typed my project proposal but it will need amending as I think it is longer than 500 words. I will review this with my tutor Corinne. I have also analysed my previous projects in my proposal but I will go over this and see if it can be improved. I have completed a ‘reflection board’ consisting of analysis of myself, previous projects and this criteria and I have also discussed this on here.


2.1 Use wide ranging and in-depth research to support the development of a personal self directed art and design project.

To achieve this criteria, I need to complete a range of research including research outside of my specialism, and the research needs to be in depth with accompanying analysis and a reference bibliography. The research needs to be wide ranging and focus on themes, concepts, topics, technical processes, techniques and materials. A wide source of research needs to be completed such a galleries, museums, artist talks, Q and A interview sessions, video tutorials, interviews, libraries, magazines, journals, books and archives, if applicable. It needs to be a mix of historical and contemporary research, with artists based all over the world, of any of the many genders and it can’t focus just on fashion design. I need to look at fine artists, photographers, graphic designers, illustrators etc, depending on the benefits for my project. I have researched a lot of designers and will continue to research into artists and illustrators, specifically ones that focus on feminist topics and I want to look at continuous line artists and textile artists too. I will research throughout my project and this won’t stop unless it doesn’t benefit me anymore. I will add to my already started bibliography as I am using things that can be sourced and I will reference them using Harvard referencing. Both my primary and secondary research so far is very strong, in my opinion, and I have evaluated it all in depth.

2.2 Use analytical and evaluative skills to develop a range of creative solutions to realise a personal self directed art and design project.

To achieve this criteria, I need to use evaluative and analytical skills in a wide range of research and apply this to creative thinking for the experimentation within the project. I need to discuss the relevance of my research and the impact of it on my ideas, experimentation and creative thinking for my project. I have used and will continue to use critical analysis of my research and the use of evaluative tools and strategies to apply my creative thinking and experimentation. I will critically analyse all of the research, which I have done and will continue to do for everything throughout my whole FMP. I have set up a system of 4 questions which will enable me to do this as long as I answer these questions in great detail for everything I do or research.

Problem Solving

3.1 Solve complex practical and technical problems within a personal self directed art and design project.

To achieve this criteria, I need to continue identifying new discoveries – both practical and technical – and keep applying it to my work. Examples of ways I can complete this are – photos of processes with notes, screen shots with notes, exploration of materials with notes and annotations of work from experimentation to final outcomes, ongoing evaluations of work and how it can be developed further, diagrams of settings with notes. This also includes samples and toiles, and I have completed a lot of samples that I will evaluate in the next few blog posts along with aiming to complete at least 1 toile before I start making my actual final piece. Everything I am doing involves me taking photos of every process and every single stage within that, and I will continue to analyse these processes and the actual results as I am going along with my FMP. I also have analysed and evaluated quite a few screen shots because some of the things I have been doing have been software based so I have been screenshotting the different stages and analysing them, such as the polls on Twitter and I will do this for the manipulation of my primary photoshoots.

I will also annotate and evaluate every material I use and will continue to do this as I use new materials when I go further into the development and creation stage of my project. I always fully analyse everything I do as I find this to be really beneficial for enabling me to progress personally and within the project itself. I also always write about any problems I have faced and how I have overcome them, such as with the sellotape samples that did not originally work due to the pen ink. I will continue to complete these evaluations as I go along, as well as a mid point evaluation, a final evaluation and the weekly evaluations I always complete. I will complete diagrams of what I want my final exhibition space to look like too, and these diagrams will be used for planning as well. I am constantly solving problems due to things going wrong when I am just testing and experimenting.

3.2 Solve complex theoretical problems within a personal self directed art and design project.

To achieve this criteria, I need to look at the application of theories and isms. A theory is a framework which connects the facts, and it is put in place to supposedly explain something or link two or more things together. I need to look at: how I would use the theory; what methods I am using to get my ideas; have I made my ideas clear to the viewer; how are they recorded; what am I communicating? and what has informed my creative decision making and why? I feel like I definitely do this in my evaluations as I am going along and I will do this within my theory research also. This should also include creative thinking and the approaches to my ideas and their development both theoretically and practically. I can look at – composition, colour, themes, semiotics and art movements and isms.

I still need to look at theories and how I can use and apply it. I have already identified some theories that I want to look at and these are semiotics, symbolism and feminism (which I have already done in detail but I may do more research). I also want to look at synethesia and movements within feminism such as #MeToo and #TimesUp. I have already looked at feminist theories Donna Haraway in great detail too and fully evaluated her work also.

Planning and Production

4.1 Demonstrate the ability to efficiently plan, organise and produce a personal self directed art and design project within an agreed time frame.

This criteria refers to all of my planning throughout my project and my strategies for my own planning and referring to my overall and weekly planner. This criteria includes:

  • Overall planner / action plan
  • Targets (daily, weekly, and how it is mapped to the criteria and used effectively to manage my own work)
  • On-going evaluations which includes my planning and organisation skills
  • Reflective skills
  • Alternative solutions
  • Sketches and notes to plan ideas, experimentation and numbering my pages to refer to throughout

I have a separate notebook just for aims, objectives and daily and weekly SMART targets and I am evaluating whether I have met these targets as I am going along too. I also keep a cultural capital book which has partially influenced this project and I use this book to keep anything I am interested in safe for the future if I ever need new ideas. I always complete mind maps on anything I can and I do this as much as possible to help develop my ideas. I will also do some drawing to plan and this will be for my design ideas and exhibition space. I think my planning is really strong because I am constantly planning and target setting daily and evaluating them also.

Practical Skills

5.1 Demonstrate the exploration, adaptation and application of a range of practical methods and skills in the realisation a personal self directed art and design project.

To achieve this criteria, I need to be constantly recording creative decisions and my exploration and adaptation of my skills. I will be signposting decisions and refining my ideas throughout the project. This includes:

  • Explore scale, medium and colour
  • Techniques, combination of techniques and processes and own style of work e.g. FMP is fashion only but within it incorporates different techniques and use of mediums
  • Recording creative decisions and how they fit in with the project and how they help drive it forward

I have already used a lot of mediums other than fabric and I have evaluated these and I will continue to do this for every sample, test and experiment too. I will look at scale, medium and colour more when it comes to creating my final piece and toiles. I also capture everything that I can because I always take photos as I am going along because they will always come in handy when evaluating.

Evaluation and Reflection

6.1 Maintain detailed critically evaluative and reflective records of the development of a personal self directed art and design project.

To achieve this criteria, I need to complete ongoing evaluations and reflections throughout my overall project. This includes:

  • SMART targets
  • Daily, weekly, key stage evaluations and reflections
  • Peer reviews
  • 1:1 tutorials on work

I always set SMART targets daily and I have an action plan which is broken down into weeks including when I was off college for Easter break. I also incorporated any times when I wouldn’t be able to work such as when my brother was home visiting so I could easily factor this in so it wouldn’t prevent me from completing the necessary work. I will complete a mid point evaluation and I am always evaluating everything from samples to targets as I am going along. I complete a peer review every Wednesday and I have evaluated them all so far, and I will start collecting opinions and reviews as I go along too, at times when I need it. Also, I always complete at least one 1:1 with my tutor Corinne every week and I will complete one with another tutor to see if this is beneficial too.

6.2 Use evaluative and reflective skills to make perceptive decisions in support of a personal self directed art and design project.

This criteria is basically for my final evaluation because as well as being on-going (mid point evaluation), my final evaluation needs to show an understanding of how to run a self directed project, what I have learnt during the whole process – developing ideas, technically, in terms of research, running a project, and how I have taken this further to the next stage – an Unconditional offer to study Fashion Design at UCLAN, with a substantial portfolio also being created.


7.1 Explore a range of considered strategies to present a personal self directed art and design project.

To achieve this criteria, I need to research and show that I have researched a range of alternatives for my final exhibition space and my decision making behind each one. This includes:

  • Research into how other people have exhibited their work and how it can be applied to my own project
  • Technical plans for my project and how I will display it
  • Marquette’s and sketches of the space and reasons behind each choice

I will record my ideas and decision making through photo, sketches and notes. I have already started looking at past students exhibitions and am constantly looking at other Universities final exhibitions for both foundation and BA levels to see how other present it and for inspiration for my own, and I will evaluate this. I will also evaluate my final decision on how I am going to display mine and what influenced it.

7.2 Present a personal self directed art and design project skillfully and proficiently to a specified audience.

To achieve this criteria, I just need to present my work skillfully and appropriately for my final exhibition on 24/05/2018 between 6pm and 8pm. This should work out well if all of the other research leading up to this is done properly.

Toni ♥



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