FMP Artist Research – Boris Schmitz

Boris Schmitz is an artist based and studying art in Cologne, Germany and he creates evidently simple yet powerful and strong portrait illustrations using the continuous line technique. His pieces are individual and have intense character, with a sense of clarity and minimalism to each and every one of them. He is often commissioned for work for clients and his pieces are sometimes turned into tattoos, and more information on this can be found on his Instagram (@borisschmitz) and his own blog (, which is where I have got the information from.

I became inspired by Boris Schmitz after seeing a photo of one of his drawings on Pinterest. I was already aware of him as I have seen his work before, but after coming across one of his pieces, I felt like it linked really well to my project and these pieces were what I kind of had in mind when creating my own continuous line drawings of the important women in my life who I had completed interviews with.

I have already looked at a designer – Stella McCartney – and an artist – Gary Hume – who have completed a collaboration containing continuous line drawings of faces so I wanted to focus on an illustrator type of artist for my next part of my secondary research, which I will continue with throughout my project because artists will continue to influence me as I go along. Boris Schmitz’s illustrations have really influenced me with my project and will continue to do so because of the continuous line technique that he routinely uses, whether it be prints, illustrations or on tattoos.

I do not want to go down the illustration route, but going forward, I will use the idea of prints and possibly do some monoprinted continuous line drawings, but I will see where I am with my project and how it would benefit me when I am at that point. I know I definitely want to develop my drawings further into fabric samples and this research has cemented this, even though I couldn’t find much information on Boris Schmitz anyway as it is mainly just his pieces and contact information that is on the internet.

Below are my references for this research:

Toni ♥


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