FMP – 02/05/2018 1:1 With Hannah

I complete regular 1:1 sessions with my own subject tutor Corinne, so I thought it would be a good idea to have a 1:1 with another tutor to get a fresh insight and look at my project from someone who doesn’t work with me everyday and doesn’t constantly see what I am doing. So, on 02/05/2018, I had a 1:1 with Hannah, who is a tutor for the fine art students. She has taught me before so knows a little about me as an artist and fine art is something I was interested in for a while so I hoped she could give me a few ideas of where to go next.

She first initially told me to look at Grayson Perry, and this was because of the concepts and ideologies he focuses on. She recommended him because of this, as well as the fact he is known for cross-dressing and being a bit controversial, and Hannah thought this would fit my project well. I must admit, I have heard of him before, but I didn’t really know what types of art he produces. After discovering he focuses on ceramic vases and tapestries, I decided it may not be entirely beneficial for me to look at Grayson Perry as I don’t feel like it would drive my project forward.

Then, because of my continuous line stitched fabric samples, Hannah suggested looking into the stereotypes around women and the traditional roles of a woman too, as this could like in to the intricate embroidery I have done. For me, the main stereotypes around women, to do with my project and this embroidery itself, are: women make a home, they sew all the time (or at least expected to do a lot of it), the woman’s job was to make clothing and patch things up in terms of fabric, and mend ripped clothing etc. If I was going to take my embroidery further than just sewing intricate words onto fabric, I would probably look at this in more detail, but I think just recognising and identifying the stereotypes, and portraying that in my work with the skill of embroidery being used, is enough to benefit my FMP well.

Then, because of the cold water dye samples and the embroidery samples, Hannah suggested taking these a few steps further and developing them by combining them and turning the samples into some sort of patchwork style quilt. She even mentioned possibly using it as the background for my final exhibition space. Considering the cold water dye samples didn’t take me long at all, this wouldn’t be the issue, but the machine stitching and hand embroidering of the faces and then adding quotes into the mix would be heavily time consuming, and I personally don’t think I have the time to do something else of this scale, like a tapestry etc.

Hannah further mentioned sewing the face and quote of the important women in my life to their corresponding favourite colour cold water dye sample. This would make my work more symbolic and have more hidden meaning to it that people wouldn’t initially see just by looking at it. I then mentioned the fact that I automatically associate my friends and family with colours, and when I have been sewing them, these are the colours I have used, for example, I associate Emma with yellow because she is quite upbeat and a very summery, quirky person, and I associate Charlie with red because she is quite confident, passionate and often wears red lipstick, and I see this as a sign of strength. Hannah then mentioned that this was as a result of a perceptual thing happening in the brain called synesthesia, which is when stimulation of one sensory pathway leads to the automatic and involuntary experiences in a second sensory pathway. I will look at synesthesia and colour assignment in further detail later on.


Overall, I feel like this 1:1 really benefited me and my project because I got to see someone else’s fresh take on my work who hadn’t seen any of it for this project before this session. Hannah did give me some great ideas, however, the majority of them would unrealistic because of the amount of time I have left to complete my FMP and what I already have planned in my action plan. If I had this 1:1 during the earlier stages of the project, it may have been better for me as I could have probably done more with her ideas, but I am glad she gave me them because now I can see where someone else would go with my project if they were doing it.

Toni ♥

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