FMP – 09/05/2018 Peer Review

One of my targets that I put in my action plan at the beginning of my FMP was to complete a peer review every Wednesday from 1.45pm – 2.45pm with my fellow students. This was something that I wanted to do because it is such a good thing to get someone elses opinion on your work, to help drive your own projects forward. Last week, we done a cross course peer review but this week is back to the paired peer review with someone I haven’t reviewed with before. This week, I partnered with Jess and below are her answers and comments for me.

  1. Select and highlight one area of work that is obviously successful – look at materials and media used, processes, research, planning and annotation

I think the embroidery on faces was successful because the hand sewing was completed to perfection and it showed your technical ability. I also think the use of a mannequin shows the embroidery off in a different manner and shows it can be used on a body form well.

    2. The outcome seems successful to me (only if there is one at this stage).

I think your machine embroidery continuous line sample was the most successful because it is clear that it is meant to be continuous line and it is sewed really well, and it is so clear cut and you can see the drawing clearly.

3. If this was my work I would develop it by – list 2 constructive suggestions

If this was my work I would develop it by adding embellishment to the faces like beading and add different textures over each other to showcase more of your ability

4. I notice that you have researched _15_ (count up and fill in the number) artists or designers and the one that seems to have informed your work the most is Tracey Emin for the following reason:

Tracey Emin is known for monoprints and embroidery which has impacted your work as you have chose these methods too.

5. You could extend your artist or designer research by looking at:

Tabitha Moses and Rosie James as both use similar techniques that you have used, like embroidery etc.

My Evaluation of this Peer Review

I am so happy that Jess thinks my embroidered faces are successful because I also thought that these worked well and it is good to know that other people have picked up on the things I wanted them to. I was a bit apprehensive to go straight in and use the mannequin as I am used to drawing out my design ideas first, but it is good that it is paying off and that Jess thinks my work on the stand so far is successfully bettering my project.

I also thought that the samples I had machine stitched were the most successful because of their fluid lines and how easily you can tell it is a continuous line drawing, so it is good that someone else is of the same opinion as me because that has helped me solidify the techniques I am going to use going forward in making my actual outcome.

Adding embellishments like beading and additional texture is a great idea, and I would love to do it, but unfortunately, I don’t think I have the time to hand bead anything on to add texture. I also kind of like the simplicity of just the stitching and the face because it draws all attention to where it needs to be instead of getting distracted by sparkling pretty things.

Tracey Emin has informed my work because I have used similar styles of monoprinting to her along with her small amount of embroidery too. I have also used strong concepts like her too, but I am surprised that Jess picked up on this because I thought other artist influences were stronger and more obvious.

I have wanted to look at Rosie James for some time now in relation to my project because she does machine embroidery with continuous lines and I have seen a step by step guide book by her too, but I chose to look at Boris Schmitz instead as I wanted to look at an illustrator over another person who works with thread. If I have the time, I may look at her but I am unsure if I will have the time to look at Rosie James or Tabitha Moses.

This peer review has been really helpful for me going further with my FMP because I have been able to see how others view my samples and the direction I am going in with the stitching.

Toni ♥

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