FMP – 14/05/2018 Testing Out Embroidery

When I was buying my fabrics, I bought extra samples of both the chiffon and the organza, so I could test out sewing and embroidery onto both materials before going in on my actual final piece and possibly ruining the fabrics as they both are really thin and easily ripped. So, I asked the technician to help me test out the embroidery machine on my selected fabrics to see whether the machine would be too heavy on the thin material or whether the clean cut front would work well with my project. The embroidery machine did not work at first and the technician tried twice sew into the fabric but on third go The technician managed to serve three words onto my fabric and they are readable and have worked well. Then the technician tried again on my chiffon with a paper fabric removable back on it and this made the chiffon stronger and the embroidery worked. However, you can’t do handwriting on the embroidery machines so I am going to try and just sew it on the free machine.

I then tested continuous line stitching with the machine of the faces onto chiffon and organza. I done the same continuous line stitch for the words as they look like proper handwriting. A few people commented on the layered affect, saying it was really original and unique and reminded them of Maria Grazia’s designing styles so that is a huge compliment.

I have now decided to go further with the machine stitching faces and quotes in the hot pink cotton on both different types of fabric and have stitching on the top and on the bottom layer so the stitches come through. Testing out the embroidery first has really helped as I didn’t ruin the fabric for my final piece and it helped me to decide to go down the route of free machine embroidery over the embroidery machine, as I thought the black embroidered writing was too bold, harsh and in your face to fit my theme. 

Toni ♥


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