FMP – Assembling It All Together

After stitching all of the embroidery details into my two layers – the faces and the quotes – I had to put all three layers together, and I wanted to do this layer by layer to get the best results. After I had gathered the netting by hand, I went over it with a machine stitch to keep it secure and in place. I then put the second layer – the chiffon – back onto a mannequin and pinned all of the gathering into place, then got onto the sewing machine and sewed two long stitches at the waist so I could gather it. I measured the waist of this layer as I kept pulling the stitches and knotting them to gather it to 25 inches so they all fit the same and fit the mannequin and my model too. I repeated this action for my top layer of organza after also pinning this in place on the mannequin too. I then put the netting inside the chiffon and sewed them together, and then put the chiffon and netting inside the organza and sewed them together.

Even though I have explained it quite simply and easily here, it wasn’t simple or easy to do at all, it was actually quite difficult because I encountered a problem along the way. When I was sewing the stitch I was going to be using for gathering the chiffon, the fabric started to gather itself as I was sewing along. So, I started to push the gathers down the fabric and at the end I was left with a bunch of scrunched up fabric, but it did not really affect the design of my outfit too much and I learned from this for the next layer. Even though the organza did gather as I was sewing along too, I knew what to do and it didn’t bunch up as much at the end.

After sewing all three layers together, my skirt was all complete. It didn’t turn out the exact way I anticipated, but I kind of liked the additional volume that machine gathering the top 2 layers added, as it didn’t look boxy and square-like like previously, it still flowed well.

Toni ♥



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