FMP – Composition of Final Piece

I needed to test out the composition and layout of where my embroidered faces where going to go, and when I first saw the train on the skirt I immediately knew I wanted something to go on there, and I think the faces would look perfect there. So, I printed off one of my samples multiple times and pinned them to the bottom of the skirt to see if anything would need changing.

A lot needed changing, I changed the scale of the faces as I printed them out bigger for next time, I tried it out with the actual samples to see whether I should stick with the pink colour scheme or use the favourite colours of the women – I ultimately decided to stick with the pink colour scheme as it fit my theme well and it was quicker and I was under a lot of pressure to finish in time (only by myself, nobody else put the pressure on me but myself). The faces would be too small being the size of the samples so I enlarged them and printing them out onto paper and pinned them back to the bottom of the skirt on the train, and discovered that this was the right size because it filled the whole train with enough gap at the end for a hem, and enough gap between each face for room for them to breathe. Also, the bigger the faces, the less of them I would need, so in the long run it would save me more time, which solved part of that problem.

This helped me decide once and for all, that the faces were going to go on the train and after I made this creative decision, I drew all of the faces I needed onto the skirt, on both layers, ready for me to sew. I sewed the faces in pink and this took me over onto 15/05/2018, and I sewed all of the faces in hot pink thread and this took me longer than expected due to the sewing machine not dealing well with thin fabrics so the fabric kept ripping, the needle kept snapping and the fabric and cotton kept getting caught too, so I had to solve all these problems by pausing my sewing and tightening the embroidery hoop, changing the needle or cutting away caught cotton and fabric. As a result of this, towards the end of me sewing the faces, I got really stressed and frustrated, which caused me to try and rush to finish the garment and as I got to the end of the final face, I sewed through my nail / finger, and really hurt my hand. I was bleeding quite a bit, there was cotton stuck in my nail and my finger was so sore to touch, I had to go to the hospital to get it sorted and bandaged up. I felt a bit uncomfortable and anxious sewing again the next day, but I knew I had no choice, because otherwise, my garment wouldn’t get finished and I could possibly fail so I just tried to continue sewing, even though it hurt. Blood, sweat and tears to finish my foundation course!

So now, I have finalised on a composition for the faces – on the train. I also want to randomly put the quotes on anywhere and have them flowing into the gathers and into the faces at the bottom too, so I also wrote those on the skirt ready for me to sew too.

Toni ♥

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