FMP – Exhibition

My final exhibition was on 24/05/2018 from 6pm – 9pm, and it was open to the general public as well as all of the students’ family and friends. This is what my exhibition space looked like and I am really pleased with it.

Originally, I wanted a lot of things in the background, from lots of words to chain prints to a patchwork quilt! But, I am so happy and glad that I stuck with just a plain, simple, white background because that left all of the attention and focus on the main subject, my garment. There were no over the top distractions, and I think that suited my theme well because it was such a current topic.

I also hung my continuous line samples of Emma, my sister Megan, Charlie and my mum from a baton on the top of my space, with the exact chains I used in my primary photos and to print with.

If I had more time, I would have probably attempted to do the patchwork quilt with the continuous line faces and quotes sewn onto it then hung that in the background, but I think that is the only thing I would change.

I hope my exhibition and garment were relatively well received when people came to view the foundation exhibition and open night.

Toni ♥

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