FMP – Final Exhibition Space Ideas

This is what my final exhibition space looks like bare! After picking my exhibition space, I decided I needed to pick one idea or a combination of ideas for my space that I could do in the amount of time I have got.


  • Garment on a mannequin in the middle
  • Patchwork quilt made out of cold water dyes and continuous line stitching samples with the woman’s favourite colour incorporated along with a quote from their respective interview
  • Photos from photoshoot printed off A3 size and possibly framed
  • Batons / bamboo sticks with samples hanging from them
  • Continuous line samples in embroidery hoops hanging from baton (fishing wire, chains from photos?)
  • Plain bed sheets over the 8 ft by 5 ft boards with spray painted words from my interviews on them
  • Could be lots of words in the handwriting of the person who’s interview it is from or just one in a big font in the middle – e.g. “EMPOWERMENT”
  • Chain prints on big paper stuck to the walls

No matter what idea or combination of ideas that I picked for my exhibition space, I knew that I would have to paint my 8‘ x 5‘ boards white with a least two coats to make sure every imperfection left from last year students was covered up. This will take around two hours I estimated, so I just thought I would stay behind one afternoon after college to paint this with enough time to let the paint dry between coats.

I know for definite that whatever I make, I want it to be displayed on a mannequin because they provide good, strong form and shape to a garment and I don’t think anything really looks good on hangers because there is nothing to a hanger other than the shoulders and a garment consists of way more than that. I just think the hangers wouldn’t make my garment look as good as it could, because most things look better on the body than the hanger.

During my one-to-one with Hannah, she gave me the idea to create a patchwork quilt made out of cold water dyes, with my continuous line drawings stitched onto the top of the dye, with the womans favourite colour incorporated along with a quote from their respective interview. This would give my exhibition space a real personal touch, but, to create at least nine or more dye samples and sew a face and the quote on to each one of them and then sew it together and do that twice to go over each board is a lot of work and I do not have the time to do that. I want to be realistic with my space.

When I do my photo shoot, I would like to have photos from the photo shoot printed off in A3 and possibly framed and put up on my exhibition space walls, but this will depend on whether I like the simple look once I put everything up or whether I think it needs an added touch of photos.

I know for definite I want batons or bamboo sticks nailed over the top of my exhibition space and I want to hang my samples, specifically my continuous line stitched samples, from these sticks and I want to use the chains that I have used in my initial primary photos and to print with throughout just because this would give my exhibition space an added touch of originality and personality to me. This would also link in to my semiotic theory too.

I also am considering displaying my continuous line samples in embroidery hoops. I have seen this done before at exhibitions I’ve been to in the past and by fellow students on different courses and it is really popular, yet fun way to display intricate samples. Whilst sewing my samples, they have been in the embroidery hoops, so I know what they look like in there, but I was thinking of displaying them the opposite way of how you would sew them, just so you can get the full effect of the stitching.

A few weeks ago I had the idea of using plain bedsheets over the boards, just so I could get away without painting the boards, so I could have more time on something else and I would spray paint, or just paint, some of the phrases from my interviews with the woman in my life onto these bedsheets, and this would save the boards getting dirty too. However, right now, I think I would rather just paint the boards white and keep them simple and add something onto it if it needs to be done.

I was also going to incorporate lots of words from my interviews in the hand writing of the people I’ve completed the interviews with, but, I think this may be too time-consuming and difficult to actually pull off well. Or, I could just use one word that would symbolise my whole project and put in big handwriting font across the middle of the boards, but this will take time and effort to get perfectly right and I just don’t think I have enough of that to spare at the moment.

The final idea I had was to do some chain prints like I did on my previous samples, on big paper to fit the boards and then just put them up with double sided tape and cover the whole the boards. However, if I want to incorporate chain printing into my garment, I think this might be too much printing and be a bit overpowering. After all this research, it sounds like I want to go for a simpler approach.

So, I have finally decided, my exhibition space is going to be painted white boards, left blank, for now, with my garment on a mannequin in the middle, with batons nailed over the top, with my continuous line samples displayed in embroidery hoops hanging down from the top of the space and attached by the chains that I have used in my photos and all along throughout my project. To get these ideas, I have remembered things I have seen while studying my A Levels, as well as taking inspiration from the photos my tutor Corinne has showed us of past students’ work and exhibition spaces.

Toni ♥


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