My final outcome is completed and has been modelled in a photoshoot by one of my friends Hannah who done an interview for me too! I am now going to evaluate my final design and discuss the photo shoot too, I have already previously mentioned what I have had to do for the photoshoot in regards to the corset etc on my last blog post.

The top half of my final garment is a bandage style top with tight fitting, stretchy strips of scuba fabric. The strips have the chain prints on them, that I have developed from my samples and they are in a pink colour, and this is because pink is stereotypically a “girls” colour, and I wanted to use it because of the femininity behind it. The influence and inspiration behind this comes from my extensive research on bandage dresses, Hérve Léger and corsets. The bottom half of my final garment is a long, flowing skirt that has 3 layers – 1 netting, 1 chiffon and 1 organza. I decided to use these materials because of the softness and feminine aspects of them, as well as the fact that they link in well to my artist research on Valentino.

The contrast between the tight fitting top and the floaty, free bottom also links into the contrasts within feminism. Some people think that women should be a bit more modest and conservative and cover up, and the skirt kind of represents that aspect. Whereas, others may think that women can dress how they please, whether that be in skin tight clothing, because it is their choice, and the top half represents that. By putting the dress together as a whole, I am aiming to combine these two opinions and make feminism universal, and for everyone, no matter whether you want to cover up or show everything off.

I have the faces of the women who completed interviews for me sewn into the train at the bottom of the skirt, and that is because, after testing different compositions out, this is what looked the best to me. I also have words and quotes from my interviews with the most important women in my life embroidered into the skirt, on both layers, floating about randomly because that randomness made the skirt flow.

I am extremely happy with my final piece, happier than I expected to be, and that is because, even though all didn’t go according to plan, it all worked out in the end. I feel like I have produced a great quality garment, that showcases all of my thoughts and concepts in regards to feminism, along with shining a light on the women who matter to me. I feel like this garment showcases all of my best skills and the techniques I have picked up along the foundation course. I particularly like the embroidered words because these are things that the most important women in my life think about a topic that is so close to my heart.

I honestly don’t think I would change anything about my final piece because even though it didn’t go as planned, that worked in my favour and opened up my eyes to new problems and issues that I now know how to solve.

The photoshoot worked really well because Hannah answered my interview questions, so the photos feel a little bit more personal and meaningful because she has been able to completely see my project through from start to finish. Hannah also took part in my empowerment photoshoots and her photos were some of my favourites so I knew what she was like to photograph, so I was prepared. She took direction really well and truly captured my vision of empowerment through her poses, facial expressions and body language.

Toni ♥


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