FMP – Final Piece Assemblage – Netting and Testing Out Top Layers 14/05/2018

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I started testing out making my final design a week before this, but 14/05/2018 was when the work really started.

I have bought three different types of fabric: netting chiffon and organza, all of which went very similar light pink shades. Obviously if you’re going to do a three layer skirt, you are going to start with the bottom layer, so I started with the netting and I wanted to gather this to give it the same volume as the netting I had previously tested out. To do this, I folded the netting so a bit of the netting was over the other side of it, so it would still touch the floor but give extra volume at the top near the waist. I then pinned the middle of this fabric to the middle of the front of the mannequin, and then pinned to ends at the same point in the back. I then pushed the two sides of netting in together and pinned that on either side too. I then just gathered the top of the netting with my hands and pinned into place, this is the look I was going to go for because I can control how much volume I would get.

Then I done the same process of pinning the middle and the two ends together at the back of my next fabric, the chiffon, to the mannequin. I also gathered this, the same at the top and pinned it all into place. I repeated this with the organza and layered it over the top too. I didn’t like how this turned out because it felt too bulky and square like at the top, when instead I wanted it to be flowing and feminine.

So to change this, I pinned further down on the netting too, to get myself a guideline of where to gather it all, in order to get the desired shape I wanted. Then I layered the chiffon up again, and gathered it in the same process as before but I just gathered it more softly and more loosely to make it fall better. This worked really well and achieved the look I was going for. I then layered the organza on top and completed the same process for the soft gathering again. Because of the length of my fabric, my skirt has a train and I wanted to keep this because it added to the elegant look. everything was all in place, so I took the photos and then unpinned everything and sewed the gathers onto the netting together by hand. It was easier to do this by hand because I got to choose where to sew the gathers, instead of having to do it on the sewing machine and then pull through the stitch and not have much choice where and how it gathered. I then measured the netting skirt to see how many inches the waist for the mannequin was and it was 25 inches. This meant I’d have to gather every other skirt layer to 25 inches too. But first, I needed to complete the embroidery on the chiffon and organza so it didn’t get folded up into the gathers. 

Toni ♥


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