FMP – Top Bandage Design

Now that I have completed the skirt, I have moved onto the top part of my garment. I wanted to create a top garment that was similar to Hérve Léger’s bandage dresses along with the tightness of that as well as corsets that I have recently researched. I did have a go at making my own corset, which I have already evaluated and discussed on my blog, but this didn’t go according to plan and it needed to be stitched and pinned even tighter in order to fit the mannequin and my model.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think I had enough time to do this because of the amount of time it took to make the toile corset anyway, now that it had failed, it would take even longer to try and correct what I had done wrong (it was my first time making a corset!) so I decided to leave the corset and try and come up with some sort of solution to make the garment wearable without the corset I had originally planned.

Firstly, I drew straight lines onto the scuba t-shirt fabric I had picked for the top half of my garment. I went to Abakhan fabrics to buy my fabric and I told an employee what I was intending to make it was this material that she recommended for me.

After drawing the lines, I got a good pair of fabric scissors and cut as straight as I could down the lines to get the perfect bandage strips that I wanted. I got the width of my strips from my previous research on bandage dresses that are popular and selling right now.

Then, I went straight ahead and mixed red and white paint just enough to get the perfect colour of pink that I wanted. Then, I coated the chain in the pink paint and put on a pair of gloves – last time I done this it was really messy and I didn’t have a pair of gloves so that is what I learnt to do – and pressed the chain down onto my first fabric strip and pressed down hard in order to get enough pressure for the print to transfer.

Also, from my last time printing with chains, I learnt to almost wrap the fabric around the chains and I did this and the print transferred really well, so this was extremely successful.

Then, for the photo shoot, I got my model Hannah to wear a plain white vest top, then I attached the dried chain print strips to the vest top as tightly as I could. It was best for Hannah to wear the vest top because my corset didn’t really work and I didn’t have enough time to amend it like I wanted to. She put the skirt on too and modelled it, which I will make a blog post about and evaluate later, and I decided I was going to sew the strips together once it was on the mannequin.

Toni ♥


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