FMP – Week Ending 06/05/2018 Evaluation

The aims and objectives that I had set for this week are:

  • Continue with any samples and experiments that I want to do, that I didn’t do last week. Develop the ones I have done already even further.
  • Evaluate all of my samples so far.
  • Start my design ideas.
  • Complete a peer review in 02/05/2018 from 1.45pm – 2.45pm, evaluate this on my blog.
  • Complete a mid point evaluation.

I set these targets for my week then set individual targets for each day according to what I feel like I would be able to meet.

On 30/04/2018, I completed around five quote and continuous line drawing combination experiments and these included a continuous line drawing of each of the women who completed my interviews, and a quote from their respective interview. The quotes are on sellotape transfers that I have previously evaluated. The whole point of me doing this was to set up a sort of profile for each woman and associate their quotes with themselves to make it all the more real. This experiment was quicker to complete than expected and this was because both components of the experiment were already completed they just needed to be combined in the way I wanted. I put the drawing in the middle of the page and the quote underneath, and I done the same with a photo from each photoshoot.

I also completed around 6 cold water dye samples, which is a lot more than I anticipated. These were easier to complete then I remembered so I done more than I expected to. I chose to do a wide variety of colours (both random and from artists) to help decide what colours I should go forward with. 

On 01/05/2018, I completed a lot more than the three funky foam samples I planned to do, around 4 word and quote samples and one rope sample, which I have take forward from my primary photos. These have really benefited me because it had confirmed that I want to go forward with printing, but it may not be this technique. I completed these all before the 2pm target I set myself as well. I did complete the 5 sellotape samples that I planned but it weren’t before lunchtime like I wanted it to be. I did this by the end of the day, because, as mentioned previously, this does take a while to complete. I have also photographed all of my samples so far, but I did not evaluate them by my own target time.

On 02/05/2018, I achieved my target because I took forward my continuous line drawings and completed two samples of the faces of the women who completed the interviews for me. These were done on a strong satin silk fabric and calico, just to test them out and I evaluated them after this date. These were completed by the end of the day and one was machine stitched and one was hand embroidered. I completed the peer review like I planned at 1:45pm to 2:45pm which is what I do every Wednesday and I have evaluated this on my blog. I stayed in college till 4pm when we finished at 2:45pm to complete my all the targets of creating 3-D design ideas. I started pinning my samples to a mannequin to start visualising my design ideas in this 3-D form. I took photos for every stage of this and I have evaluated this on my blog.

On 03/05/2018 and 04/05/2018, I was in work on a 9AM to 5 PM shift, as per usual. This is eight hours long including my lunch break and it is very difficult to do work for my project while in my job as we may be busy in the CallCentre and I can’t do any big pieces of work like samples. So I didn’t set myself any smart targets for these two days in work because my focus need to be fully on my job and I used to get frustrated if a call interrupted me working on my project so neither got my full attention.

On 05/05/2018, I was in a group Saturday morning from 9am till 11am at least, so I couldn’t complete any work till after this. So over Saturday and Sunday – 06/05/2018 – I just updated my blog and my targets book along with doing some general research on Pinterest and evaluating all of the peer reviews and feedback I have picked up throughout the whole week. I also done some sketchbook work, catching up on the missing pages that I had proposed to do that someone had suggested for me to do during my cross course peer review the week before.

Toni ♥

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