FMP – Ideas for Designs and My Exhibition Space

On 27/04/2018, I was in work from 9am til 5pm again. At first, I did not think I had any work that I could do in just notebooks or small pieces (because, even though my work place is pretty relaxed when it comes to what we do when we aren’t busy, they wouldn’t let me start sewing samples of fabric at my desk!) as I had annotated and analysed the criteria during yesterday’s shift already. However, after thinking about what I need to do next in regards to the process of my project, I set myself 2 SMART targets.

By the end of my shift, I want to have created a list of around 3-4 design ideas (including techniques and possible materials that I could use), to help decide what could be my final outcome/s.

By the end of my shift, I want to have thought of and noted down some ideas for my final exhibition space, possibly around 3 ideas. 

I only partly achieve this target today as we were really busy with a lot of calls coming through with hardly any time between calls. I only got 2 design ideas noted down and only 2 DIFFERENT ideas for exhibition space noted down too (I got more than I expected overall, but they all link together and could be done together too). I am going to look at these in more detail in the future when I am up to that stage in my final major project, but, it will always be in the back of my mind so I have a few ideas for when the time comes.

Exhibition Space Ideas

  • Mannequin with final outcome/s on
  • Bamboo sticks / batons on the top with samples attached and dangling down (embroidery hoops, hangers?)
  • Plain bed sheets over the 8 ft by 5 ft boards with spray painted words from my interviews on them
  • Could be lots of words in the handwriting of the person who’s interview it is from or just one in a big font in the middle – e.g. “EMPOWERMENT”
  • Photos of the photoshoot I do with my final garment/s on there
  • The primary photos that I manipulate and edit on PowerPoint or their originals somewhere ?

I know for definite that whatever I make, I want it to be displayed on a mannequin because the provide form and shape to a garment and I don’t think they look as good on hangers because there is nothing to a hanger other than on the top by the shoulders. I just think the hangers wouldn’t make my garment look as good as it could. I think the idea of having my samples (whenever I make more) dangling from wooden batons attached to the top of my exhibition space is really great, but I would make it unique to me by using the chains and rope from my primary photos to hang them with and I would put them in embroidery hoops to give that added touch.

I really wanted to incorporate some of the words and phrases from my interviews that I have selected into my space because this would make the link between my samples, my final outcome and my interviews even clearer. However, I can’t write directly onto the boards provided because they need to remain white as they get used every year. An idea I came up with to overcome this problem would be to use plain bed sheets and hang them over the boards, then write onto these. But, this could use a little more development. Also, I have a few ideas for the style, size and font of the words, one being just one big word in a normal font e.g. “EMPOWERMENT” or something memorable from the interviews. Another idea being loads of quotes from my interviews, that I previously selected, being written on in the handwriting of the person. Again, this could be developed and the covering for the boards could be changed to something like paper or card.

I also do want to incorporate my primary photos that I have took so far and will do more of in the future in some way, or even the ones I will manipulate when I have the chance. I also think a combination of both would look great and if I have the time to complete of photoshoot of someone modelling my final garment once I have created it, I would love those photos to be used too.

Design Ideas

  • Bandage dress
  • Corset
  • Loose, feminine fabrics

These ideas are all inspired by my secondary research, mainly artist research like Hervé Léger and Valentino. I also thought of creating a corset of some sort because this portrays the struggles that women have to go through to live up to societies unrealistic beauty standards, but I need to complete some research into this which will inform my design ideas properly. I was thinking of combining all of these ideas too and I would really like to use some feminine fabrics like Valentino because I love the soft, floaty look also.

The ideas I have developed for both my exhibition space and my designs need more thought and research and I will do this but this is what I thought of and what came to my mind during my shift in work.

Toni ♥



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