FMP – Visual Exploration

Visual Exploration…

At the beginning of this project, a task was set for everyone to find a few images on the internet that represents their project, and these are the images I selected. I chose the thread / fabric with words embroidered onto it because this is something I want to do throughout the project with the words from some of my primary research. The woman breaking the chain really influences me and my project because I feel like this really symbolises empowerment and I want to do that too. I chose the two “Mark My Words” quotes because they are simple, yet still powerful and tell people of my project in the easiest terms. Finally, I chose the image of the two females in half by Daisy Bernard because it shows stereotypes that women face so easily and it also shows how unrealistic these stereotypes are too, and I want to incorporate embroidery with empowerment, proving people wrong and feminism too. As of now, I know I am going to do interviews with important women in my life so I can use their words and go forward with them for the future of my project.

After I found these images, the next task was to write the title of your project – mine is “Mark My Words” – on a post it note and take the photos and the post it note and see if you could find people who had similar projects to you and make a group together. I was in a group with around 7-8 other people who were all looking at issue bases projects. We had to explain our projects to the people in our group and they could ask you questions and offer you advice afterwards. Someone asked me if I was going to just focus on females or do interviews with important men in my life too, which makes me think about possibly interviewing my dad and seeing what his opinions on empowerment are. I got three book recommendations that I could look at too, which are Framing Feminism, Great Mistresses and Female Chauvinistic Pigs. I got a suggestion to look at the artists Margaret Harrison and Mona Hatoum, and suggestions to focus on breaking stereotypes, and possible do a visual performance piece.

This task was really beneficial to me because it gave me more things to look at for secondary research that could influence my project heavily and bulk my bibliography up too, so I could have more references and influences.

References for the images:

Toni ♥

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